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At Atrium we put together events according to your wishes, which are settled in our intimate setting.

 We can accommodate seated gatherings from 12 to 100 people and standing receptions for 12 to 150 people.

For parties with more than 35 people there is no further charge to reserve the restaurant but, for fewer than 35 we may make an additional reservation fee.


This is the Atrium and hotel’s daily restaurant and lounge.

If you want to book ATRIUM for events for fewer than 35 people, the charge is 1076 €.

Rosen suite – ROYAL

This is the hotel’s banquet room, which seats up to 50 people. It is possible to rent the adjoining lounge for the event.

 Please tell us what kind of event you have in mind, the time and date, and the number of guests you anticipate, and we will estimate a cost.

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Considerations before the event


At ATRIUM, we class 3-9-year olds as ‘children’. If the children wish to eat the same menu as the adults, we make a 50% reduction. We are also happy to make a special children’s menu, in consultation with you.


Table settings are a matter of personal taste, so we recommend that we discuss them jointly, so we can find the best solution for your particular event. It’s at this point we can agree upon colours, flowers, candles, table decorations, etc.

If you want to bring your own decorations, we recommend that you hand them into the restaurant, along with your instructions, no later than the day before the event. The table plan and any table cards must also reach the restaurant no later than the day before the event.

We would be pleased to arrange flowers for your event. Floral arrangements in seasonal colours start at 260 DKK per piece.


Let us prepare the best combination of food and wine for your gathering, within your chosen budget. We will make menu suggestions as a source of inspiration. If you have special wishes or want different options, we are always ready to advise and make them happen. We are also used to make adjustments for those with special dietary needs or those with allergies, diabetes, etc.

 We always recommend that we set up a meeting prior to the event, so we can talk about menus, wines, and the settlements of your account.

The menus here on the site, should only be treated as recommendations for your event.

For half the couverte price, we are happy to arrange a sample dinner for you, when the event is booked.

We always recommend a wine menu for your event but if you have other wishes or prefer to choose wines from our wine list, we are always ready with advice. If you want to bring your own wine, we charge 390 DKK per bottle.


A soft bar is set up after dinner and taken down again at 02:00

If you want a strong bar, you can connect spirits bottles on soft bar for 750 DKK per bottle.

Cognac & Whiskey can be offered for 85 DKK per / unit. Bottle price 950 DKK

Baileys and diversified liqueurs are offered for 75 DKK per / unit. Bottle price 750 DKK

Beer, 35 DKK / Special beer 50 DKK / soda 30 DKK /

Snacks at the bar 35 DKK

Wine – Is individually agreed for the events. We offer wine in many price levels and qualities.


It is important that your Toastmaster coordinates the programme with the servant responsible for the event.

If you want music, a band or similar entertainment, it must be agreed with the restaurant before the event. Catering for musicians and other performers has an estimated catering price of 250 DKK per person.

If you need to use a projector or other equipment, we are happy to help you set it up. If you want to rent it from the restaurant, the price is 250 DKK

In recent years, we have organized many events of different kinds. This has given us a great understanding of how different initiatives for a party works, but we always listen to your wishes and do what it takes, so that your event will have your stamp on it.


We recommend that you plan and consider how to arrange transport for your guests to come home. We have agreements with taxi and various bus companies and are happy to be available for a recommendation.

If you would like to stay overnight, we can communicate with Hotel Royal, which we cooperate with.


On final confirmation, we normally charge a deposit equal to half of the event price. The deposit is charged no later than 3 months before the event and serves as your guarantee for the booking.

If you cancel a booking within the 3 months, the deposit will not be refunded. If the event is cancelled less than one month beforehand, a total of 75% of the event’s estimated price will be charged.

Your final number of guests must reach us no later than 8 days before the event. A charge will be made for each guest cancelled, since at this point, we will have purchased food and supplies.

We take no responsibility for printing errors and/or any price adjustments due to seasonal availability or demand.